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What we want to provide is healthy and original taste.We want “EVERYONE” to have it!!

Organic yuzu “Kito Yuzu” from   Tokushima pref., 100%( purely) domestic ingredients, and additive-free handmade.

We provide it with confidence.Our guaranteed products to your loved ones.

Product line-up




Fully satisfied Yuzu series

Based on Yuzu Rikko, this product is made with lotus root from Tokushima Prefecture, edible indigo from Tokushima Prefecture, Naruto Kintoki from Tokushima Prefecture, and Wasanbon.

Due to limited production


Yuzu miso

 Yuzu miso is made of Organic yuzu from Tokushima pref., sugar beet from Hokkaido and special Awagozen miso, 100% domestic ingredients and no food coloring, additive-free handmade.  Having a rich flavor of Yuzu and a dalicate taste, Yuzu miso goes well with rice!  It's an Easy-to-use tube type.  We provide with confident.  We want everyone to have it.  


Yuzu tea and yuzu jam

Yuzu tea is made with Kito Yuzu from Tokushima prefecture is an aromatic flavorful tea. 
Kito region is at a high altitude and the temperature differences in the days and nights are big. These characteristic of the land make Kito Yuzu very flavorful. The sugar beets  from Hokkaido is the highest purity rock candy. Additive-free yuzu tea, a simple material, is a gem that allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of yuzu


Yuzu Syrup

No preservatives, colors, flavors, or other additives are used. This syrup is made only with yuzu and Hokkaido Sugar beet rock ice sugar, so you can taste the fruity Yuzu flavor.

Dilute 5 to 6 times with ice water or soda water to make a soft drink that is easy to enjoy. It can also be used as a syrup for shaved ice, dessert sauces, cocktails, and confectionery ingredients.


Yuzu pepper

Yuzu pepper is a quartet of three ingredients: yuzu (citron), which is grown in Tokushima Prefecture and is free of agricultural chemicals during its cultivation period, chili peppers from Tokushima Prefecture, and salt made from the seawater of Naruto.

The red is made from red chili peppers and yellow yuzu, and the blue is made from blue chili peppers and green yuzu.

You can enjoy the best taste of both, so please choose the color that best suits your meal.

When with meat, you can enjoy the taste of a first-class hotel.

When with fish, it will be the taste of a long-established restaurant.

Reasonable trial set

Yuzu miso x Yuzu pepper

A reasonable set of "Yuzu miso" and "Yuzu pepper" made from Yuzu that does not use pesticides from Tokushima prefecture.

 Both come in a hygienic and easy-to-use tube container!

● Set contents: Yuzumiso Yuzu Rikko 120g x 2 pieces, Blue Yuzu-Rikko Pepper Tube 80g x 1 piece

Reasonable trial set

Yuzu Rikko Trial Set

4 Yuzu Rikko products that we are proud of.

It includes Yuzu miso (soybean paste), Yuzu jam made from Kitou Yuzu, Yuzu kosho (citron pepper) that is spicy but full of flavor, and Yuzu syrup for making Yuzu drinks.

This is an introductory set that will allow you to fully enjoy Yuzu Rikko.


Commercial Yuzu Miso

It is a handmade "Yuzu miso" made from Tokushima prefecture's pesticide-free Yuzu, sugar beet sugar from Hokkaido, and special Awa gozen miso, which is 100% domestically produced and contains no preservatives or colorings.

Yuzu miso with plenty of yuzu flavor and gentle sweetness is perfect for rice!


Yuzu peel tea, Sudachi peel tea

This is a Japanese style herb tea made from dried and roasted Yuzu, a pesticide-free herb grown in Tokushima Prefecture.

Put one package of this product into a teapot, pour in about 500ml of hot water, shake it a little and remove the tea bag when it gets your desired strength.

For iced tea, cold-brew the tea and remove the tea bag when it gets your desired strength.


Gifts package

This gift set is packed with Yuzu-Rikko's deliciousness.

Why not give the gift of delicious Yuzu Miso to someone special?


100% Yuzu juice

Yuzu juice is pressed by hand to bring out the original flavor and aroma of Yuzu.

You can enjoy the clear taste of yuzu in dishes such as Yuzu ponzu, vinegar, grated daikon, sushi vinegar, etc., as well as with shochu or soda.

It is produced in limited quantities every year.

So, please contact us for more information.


Factory Shin x Yuzu-Rikko.

The "marbling Yuzu jam" is kneaded into the cream and dough to make cookies and madeleines.

When you eat it, the Yuzu buds pop and the taste of yuzu spreads in your mouth.

This product is a collaboration with Factory Shin


Other Yuzu related products

At Yuzu-Rikko, without throwing away, we process all the Yuzu that the elderly Yuzu farmers have carefully raised while appreciating for farmers and Yuzu.

Please enjoy Yuzu other than eating.

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