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The raw materials for Yuzu Rikko's products are only 6 domestically produced 100%!

​Precisely because it simple, you can be impressed by the strength of the material.


Kitou-Yuzu from Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Prefecture is the second largest producer of Yuzu in Japan.

It is safe and pesticide-free.

Kitou-Yuzu is produced in the Kitou district of Naga-cho, located in the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture, surrounded by high mountains where produces exceptionally fragrant citrus fruits.

All of the Yuzu used in Yuzu-Rikko is grown in Tokushima Prefecture and no pesticides are used during the growing period.

Without the pesticides, normally Yuzu would have many blemishes, rough skin, and flaws, and there would be very few beautiful Yuzu.

However, its aroma is outstanding. You can tell that it has been grown with the power of the earth.

traditional seasoning of Japan "MISO".jp


Local miso from

Tokushima Prefecture

Gozen Miso, which gets its name from the fact that it was served to Lord Hachisuka of the Awa domain, is a richly flavored miso that contains a lot of rice malt.

The ingredients are domestic rice, domestic soybeans, and Uzushio(salt).

An original blend made exclusively for Yuzu-Rikko, additive-free.

It is made on consignment by Yamaku Food Corporation, a local miso maker established in 1894.

Sugar beet root crop in the ground ready

Tensai Sugar from Hokkaido


Sugar is known to be made from sugar cane, but Tensai-sugar is made from a vegetable called "Tensai". Most of the sugar available in Japan is made from Australian sugar cane.

Yuzu-Rikko is particular about using domestic sugar and came up with Tensai-sugar from Hokkaido.

This sugar is made from Tensai, a plant found in cold regions of Japan, and is known for its ability to warm the body.


Tensai rock ice sugar

The above granulated sugar is extracted from Hokkaido's "Tensai", refined, and crushed once more, then slowly crystallized naturally over a period of two weeks.

It is called "rock ice sugar" because it is as big as a rock.

Its purity is 99.8%, making it the purest of all.

When combined with Yuzu, it creates a wonderful harmony. The largest one is 7 cm in length and diameter. We crush them and use.



Mima chilli peppers

Grown in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture.

It grows up to 20 cm in length, has twice as much capsaicin as Takano-tsume (red hot pepper), and has a sugar content of over 14 degrees.



Uzushio of Naruto

Uzushio is a delicious salt produced from the clean sea water of the Konaruto Strait in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture.



Japan's largest producer

Tokushima citrus sudachi

It is no secret that Tokushima Prefecture produces the largest amount of sudachi in Japan.

I am processing it carefully

We make affection by hand.
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