blessings of mountains give to each other        Yuzu Rikko

Bringing blessings of mountains to city,Bringing gentleness of city to mountains Yuzu Rikko

Representative Director :Sumie Misawa

How did I start my own business at the age of 66?

It was an encounter with an abandoned Yuzu field.

I didn't start my business because I wanted to do something big, but rather make  people in front smile and feel happy by using my favorite Yuzu from Tokushima.

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Born in Kobe City. During the Pacific War, being evacuated to Tokushima City, where the war ended. After graduating from high school, started working for the Prefectural Food Wholesale Cooperative. Worked there until her retirement and raised three children. Learned about the problem of illegally dumped yuzu peels and started her own business at the age of 66 with just one pot.


After starting her business, believed in the potential of Yuzu miso more strongly than anyone else and took the night bus to Tokyo several times a month to attend events.


Promoted Yuzu Miso and Yuzu Rikko without being overwhelmed by heartless people in Tokyo, saying, "Just try a bite," and "Isn't it delicious?

Never gave up but tried it over and over again.

Her belief is "to make a person in front smile.

Still stands at the forefront of events.


Due to the aging of Yuzu farmers in Tokushima Prefecture, the number of pesticide-free, fragrant Yuzu has been decreasing.

My mission is to protect Yuzu field and revitalize Tokushima Prefecture!

When it is time to harvest Yuzu, I personally go to Yuzu farmers and help them harvest Yuzu.

To all of you from Yuzu Mountain in Tokushima Prefecture


We share our happiness through Yuzu Rikko.

We are working hard every day as Yuzu Rikko’s Yuzuriai.

And have been featured in many media.

Now, even people in France are eating our Yuzu Miso from Yuzu Rikko.

traditional seasoning of Japan "MISO".jp

Miso" is the foundation of Japan's longevity.

The additive-free Yuzu miso, Yuzu Rikko, brings out the best of the ingredients and usable for delicious home-cooked meal.

There are many ways to use and eat Yuzu Rikko.

You can easily make home-cooking that you want to eat it every day.

Numerous awards attests to the deliciousness of our products.

Yuzu Rikko's products have won numerous awards.

We hope you will enjoy our special products, which have been recognized by many.

Message from the Representative

The people in the mountains are aging.

When seeing Yuzu left without pesticides, I felt it was a waste and shocked, and at the age of 66 I gave birth to a "Yuzu Rikko".

It was a super-aged birth.

I did not want to do something big, but the smiles in front of me just gave me energy.

To people in the mountains who grow yuzu (Japanese citron) and are looking forward to sell, the citron Yuzu is pesticide-free but not beautiful.

Those who take the time and effort to scrape off the stains and scratches, and carefully treat them.

My network has been gradually expanding, and I find myself surrounded by many people.

If the Yuzu harvested can be used to make Yuzu Rikko or Yuzu tea, I will take in more and more of the fragrant, fruity Yuzu.

I hope you will learn more about the deliciousness and convenience of Yuzu Rikko products and support its consumption.


Sumie Misawa

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